Painting courses

There are several drawing and painting courses active in Rome. Each of them is personalized according to the needs, desires and artistic inclination of each individual participant.

Sunday from 10 to 12 and Monday from 18.30 to 20.30 at the gallery InquaIndexdro, in Via Alberto Ascari 255 in Rome


Cabaret Voltaire logoSaturday afternoon, from 16 to 19, at the gallery Cabaret Voltaire, in Va Panisperna 87, Rione Monti, Rome.


WLogo_clivo_defednesday, January 30 at 15, I will also be in Monteverde with a first free meeting at the Clivo Bistrot, Clivo Rutario, 63. The next appointments will be every Wednesday at 15 o'clock. Many!


In my studio there are Group lessons and individual courses available. For information contact me via email or by phone and WhatsApp at 3291312680


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